The Story

Being a creative has always been a major part of who I am for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I had a large imagination and always felt full of ideas that were just waiting to be brought to life!

I started sketching and drawing fashion clothing in high school where I took pre-college courses at FIT. Before going to college I decided I wanted to learn more of the business side of fashion. I attended Art Institute of Philadelphia and completed my Bachelors in Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising.

During my time in the fashion industry, I began to experiment and slowly realized how much my love of creating unique pieces extended beyond clothing.

For years friends and family tried to convince me to sell my creations but fear and self-doubt held me back for so long. Finally I said "no more limitations" and then this shop was born. Hustle + Brussel shop features beautiful, artistic pieces that are all hand crafted with the utmost attention detail.

All of my designs promote the message of elevating ourselves above any limitations. From the dog tags, to the t-shirts, to event decor, every amazing piece is crafted with love, peace, and great energy!