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Meet Giannys


My life changed when I focused on HEALING instead of trying to be "skinny"

My journey with my health started off very bumpy. During my late teens and most of my adulthood I was very overweight. I battled with depression, bulimia, hypothyroidism, hashimotos, and a extreme lack of self confidence. I was inconsistent with working out and my relationship with food and alcohol was a toxic one to say the least. I spent many years trying a bunch of fad diets that would "help" me lose weight fast! 

When I decided to go vegan back in 2017, my initial thought was "I hope this helps me get skinny". After only a few weeks I felt the immediate change and knew that this was the best thing for my health. I began incorporating exercise which lead to a completely lifestyle shift. Throughout the years of my vegan diet I still struggled with my mental and spiritual wellness. I was still trying to find my SELF worth. 


It was only after I met my husband Darius, a then vegetarian body builder, who open my eyes to a new way of healing. We began diving deep into learning nutritional, mental, spiritual and physical health through a whole food plant-based lifestyle. 


Since then my passion has grown to helping others transform their entire life by becoming a vegan lifestyle coach. My methods are education based and focus on empowering you to make healthy choices that are sustainable and elevate your self image. We all deserve to live our lives as the best version of ourselves and I'm here to help you on the journey!



I believe that your self love is more than just appreciating how your body looks but having a divine connection to your inner self. Through my approach and programs I focus on helping you break the cycles that keep us from living our best life beyond coaching.